Update (Tue Nov 27 21:25:43 MSK 2007)

Download gd-2.0.35-koi8.tar.gz with koi8 fonts.

OBSOLETED !!! Update (Mon Jan 31 20:30:13 MSK 2005)

I updated 'bdftogd' script to get it works with new libgd (tested 2.0.33). Old version is still available as 'bdftogd.old'. Update (obsoleted):

Get gif-enabled libgd from http://www.rime.com.au/gd/. My fonts works.

Patched arhive with gif support and koi8 fonts and patched perl interface


OK, this is not fun page. If you don't know what's Perl, GD you probably better leave this page. Or if you don't needed russian (KOI8) fonts to be used with GD.

GD.pm is a perl5 interface to Thomas Boutell's gd library. Visit GD home page for more information.

Original information about how to use non-latin fonts and GD is here.

KOI8 GD fonts

Download gd-koi8.tgz

Short instruction:
1. Be sure you have GD ver. 1.19 (get it from CPAN),
2. Unpack archive somewhere - tar xzvf gd-koi8.tgz
3. cd gd-koi8
4. run shell script: mkgd-cyr
5. Copy gdfont*.{c,h} into GD-1.19/libgd/ directory
6. remake GD module
7. test new fonts: ./fonttest |xv -
8. If everything is ok, make install and enjoy

Now you can make a pictures with Perl like this graph.

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