Hello !
You reach PointJob TestoDrom

All images were created using The GIMP - an excellent free image processing program for Unix ! Actually, I used Net-Fu to produce pictures I played with. To create an animation I used another nifty program - multigif which realized almost all thingies available with GIF89A.

This is my last experiment with layers (version 0.99.15)

I know most people hate Web-animation. This one is rather big (15Kb) and contains 6 frames (16 colors). I did it learning Gimp and multigif.

The same animation as above but with only 8 colors. The size is only 11Kb while looks quite ok.

Metal-like little (6Kb) logo

The size of this 8-th colors logo is only 3091 bytes !

Another cool logo

Oleg Bartunov